Our new fencing bag is here! Fencers, please meet the weapon carrier pro. At first glance, it may look a bit like a traditional top bag you would usually use to carry your weapons around during tournaments, but actually our new release is far more than that. We aimed at nothing less than the - almost - impossible. Offering you a fencing bag that holds all of your kit (yes, even if you're a pro), but that can still be comfortably worn over your shoulders. For that reason, it couldnʼt bear the name "weapon carrier PRO" without at least being tested by one! Meet professional fencer Ben Peggs, who is used to travelling all around the world for World Cup tournaments, and other fencing events. Read on to discover the review (and vlog!) by the former European Games Champion and current Commonwealth Champion.

Leon Paul Weapon Carrier Pro in review

by Ben Peggs
The Leon Paul weapon carrier pro is a bag designed to fix the problems facing the travelling athlete. Whether youʼre an elite fencer or a busy hobby fencer - this is the bag for you! Previous designs have meant not all needs are met, and you were often bound to choose between space and comfort, sometimes having to remove some items in order not to have to drag a wheelie bag around. Now you have a top bag big enough to carry every bit of kit that goes in a Leon Paul team bag. Believe me, this can be a lot! In my case for example that can be:
- my Fencing Shoes,
- 4x Socks,
- 2 x Breaches
- 2x White Jacket,
- 3x Under Plastrons,
- 2x Electric Jacket,
- 3x Gloves,
- 6 x Foils,
- enough T-shirts for a three day World Cup competition.
Yet, with all the space this bag offers, the weapon carrier pro still has the versatility to be carried on the back and is compact enough for those busy train journeys or packed lift shares to training sessions /competitions.


Due to its two drawstring compartments and almost countless extra pockets, this bag keeps your wet kit and dry kit separate and also your blades and other metallic items away from your whites. Meaning no more rust! There is also an extra mask pocket, which comes in very handy when you just want to grab your mask for a lesson. A special shoutout to those of you who love to be organised - with this bag you can have a pouch for the many different items needed for a tough session or week of training. No need to worry about being hungry or dehydrated again. With three drinks pouches you can have plenty of water, electrolyte, and protein for a demanding competition that will see you right to the finals!


The Leon Paul weapon carrier pro is exceptionally versatile and can be worn both as a backpack or just over one shoulder. Like the original top bags it reattaches back onto the Leon Paul Team bag with ease. If you combine the two you have the addition of four loops you can securely thread two of the Leon Paul removable luggage straps around the bag to make it even sturdier in transit.

Overall valuation

This bag is the future of a travelling fencer, itʼs tougher and sturdier than any other bag before it. I personally really appreciate the option to wear it as backpack. With its double strap it sits comfortably and spreads the weight evenly across your back. No longer will you have to be worried about an exhausted shoulder from a single strap bag. Get to and from training and competitions in a better state and compete harder than ever before!