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  • Moonshot Piste

    A moonshot idea is one that reinvents and revolutionises an industry or in our case a sport. Normally designers take a single product and look to make a series of incremental improvements. A moonshot idea is to improve by a factor of 10 making it a giant leap forward in a short space of time. Google calls these ideas project X, which just makes it sound very cool. I have always looked at each problem as they come up and then acted on this ind...
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  • A German Champion at the German Championships

    A season's retreat Gaining a title is never easy. In any sport, at any age class, at any time. To defend a title is, it is said, even more difficult. On March 23, 2016, I managed to win the title of the German B-Youth Champion at my first German Championships in Halle, Germany. It was a hard piece of work, but the feeling of triumph was worth all the hard training, sweat and pain. What I did not know by then was that it was only the beginnin...
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  • Piers Gilliver Wheelchair Fencing the Road to Rio

    A lot has happened since I first picked up a weapon in August 2010 when I decided to 'have a go' at fencing at my local club, had I known that within 2yrs I would compete in my first international and within 6yrs, hold a World No1 ranking and a Paralympic Silver medal I am sure I would find it all rather unbelievable but the moment I started, I knew fencing was the sport for me and so as I continue to train and prepare for Tokyo 2020, I will do ...
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  • Collecting Fencing Pins

    This video will give you an introduction to collecting lapel pins, specifically pins related to the sport of fencing. My name is Bill Murphy and I have been collecting fencing pins for over 30 years. While fencing is my favorite sport, collecting fencing pins is my favorite hobby! In this video, I have listed eight different categories of fencing pins. Virtually all of the pins in my collection fall in to one (or more) of these eight categories....
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