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  • An Adult Starting Fencing

    Fencing is a sport that is surrounded by an air of inaccessibility and mystery for most of us outside the fencing world and it’s no secret that the majority of people who fence start when they are very young. As an adult beginner, in the world of this ancient discipline, I wanted to share with you my experience of starting out. For a lot of people the first question I get asked is “Why Fencing?” it’s a very niche sport for someone to take...
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  • How to mount a Fencing Sword.

    How to mount a fencing sword? Mounting a weapon, making a sword, building a blade are just a few ways that people describe the process of putting together a fencing weapon. As many ways as there are to describe the action, there are to do it. You will find that many armourers have many different ways of doing it, and there are not necessarily any truly wrong ways. However, if you are new to mounting a weapon then this will be a good place to st...
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  • Measuring Fencing?

    It’s hard to improve something if you have no idea how to measure it. “Being a better fencer” is a worthy goal, but it is difficult to know if you’re achieving it. We all want to be better fencers. If you don’t then you can stop reading here - but leave a comment at the bottom because I’m curious why you’re on this site. We train,  drill, spar, compete, pore over old books and read modern fencing handbooks on the sly. All to be b...
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  • The Fencing Podcast - who, why, what and what next?

    The Fencing Podcast was launched by two Scottish fencers/coaches/nerds in the immediate aftermath of the Rio Olympics. Sean Walton and Gavin McMenemy are the voices of the podcast, after a friend suggested they give the medium a try. Gav has a history of online fencing presence - maintaining the peace as a moderator on Leon Paul’s Fencing Forum (and the US-based for many years - and Sean has written fencing blogs, so a podcast seem...
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