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2-Pin Bodywire

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Longer lasting and easier to maintain the new two pin plug on this bodywire is a refinement of the fiddly old design that has been around for years. Combined with our best in the industry super flexible wire and unique soft shelled three pin plug this is the best two pin bodywire in the world.



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2-Pin Bodywire

The longest lasting two pin in the world. This unique design combines a solid poly-carbonate plug with a soft flexible wire strain relief. Wires nearly always break where the wire exits the hard part of the plug. The repeated bending at this point breaks the wire and the heat shrink that is used in all other designs does a little but not much to provide protection. Our flex guard protection allows the wire to free float and eradicates the sharp bend point. The result is a wire that lasts up to 5 times longer.

Gorgeously see through.

It reminds us of a Greenland glacier. The clear plug, strain relief and wire make are not only lovely to look at but easy to maintain as you can quickly see any problems.

One screw is better than two.

The single screw goes into a nut that is captured inside the plastic shell meaning there are less parts to lose and it is so fast to put together you can almost do it with one hand.

Permanently riveted lock.

One of the most common complaints with other wires is that the locking mechanism comes undone and flies off. This leaves you scrabbling around on the floor to find a tiny screw, spring and nut that have pinged across the piste. Our new lock is permanently riveted into the plug meaning you have one less thing to worry about.

Double spun multi core copper silver coated cable.

Each core being made of hundreds of twisted copper filaments gives the wire greater flexibility and increases its lifespan. We coat the wire with clear plastic so that if it does eventually break you can see where it has broken and just trim it rather than replace the whole item.

The covers on the three-pin end are made from a one-piece flexible plastic moulding.

This allows the wire to flex inside the plug and prevents it from being bent repeatedly at the point of entry, which increases the lifespan of the wire.


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