Complete Spool

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Easy to maintain, robust, FIE regulation spool compatible with any recorder.


Complete Spool

Moulded fibre glass case, self-colour with integral handle. Triple core cable, plastic covered with Kevlar strain cord reinforcement. Stainless steel commutator with silver studs gives perfect contact at all times.

Every part is replaceable from our price list. The complete spool can be taken apart or assembled in under 30 seconds without using any tools.

How to disasemble

View a detialed blog post with instruction video here 

Place the spool on its side with the three pin socket facing upwards. Undo the centre knurled nut (C66NUK) and lift the top half of the casing off making sure the nozzle remains in the lower black half. While holding on to the lower spool case lift the fencers end socket (C66FES) and nozzle from its position in the lower case to allow the wire carrier and fencers end socket to revolve anti-clockwise slowly until it comes to rest. Now the spool brush assembly can be removed by pulling upwards and lifting the brush arms away from the commutator rings. Lift the spool wire carrier with spool cable and fencer end socket off the spool spindle (C66SPL). Lift off each complete spring case (C66SPC) in turn.

To reassemble go through all the operations above in reverse order, and retention the springs by holding the fencer end socket and nozzle whilst rotating the wire carrier 15 times in a clockwise direction and then replace the nozzle.


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