I know that 3d printing is a bit of a recurring theme for me on the blog but it still has not stopped amazing me. The possibilities never seem to end!

Our latest in house printer moves its print head so fast that it shakes the desk it is sat on. Not only that but it's designed with the knowledge that it will be placed on surfaces that might have a bit of movement and it uses laser radar, accelerometers and clever software to pre calculate the wobble and compensate for it!

Our latest product to be 3d printed is niche but in many ways this is where 3d printers really shine.

Meet our new epee rewiring clamp:

This product isn't going to change the world but it is functionally much better than the one it replaces and it looks cool too.

Click below for a link to the product.

Epee Blade Rewire Jig (bag of 5) (leonpaul.com)