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Did the British Royal family fence?

In the new hit TV series “Victoria” the future Prince is seen fencing. If you live in the UK you can watch the series here: http://www.itv.com/hub/victoria/

Here is an extract of the fencing scene:

Yes, they are wearing LP X-change masks and no, those masks had not been invented then, but the TV company asked for the safest silver masks we had so that is what we gave them. The costume department did a good job modifying them and making the outfits as it does look very authentic.

Victoria fencing image

The costume design department from the series got me thinking, has anyone in the current royal family ever fenced? I know that the Queen has watched fencing as I have seen photographs but were any of the royals trained in the discipline?

Do they fence? Do they fence?

Google and Wikipedia says:
"The education of Charles I of England was overseen by Sir Thomas Murray, who taught Charles "the usual subjects: the Classics, French, Italian, arithmetic and theology - Charles Guerolt, who taught him fencing"

But Charles the 1st was hardly current and can we really trust just googling it in an age of hacking and conspiracy theories…. I felt not so I wrote to the Queen. Here is the response…..

The Queen writes back. The Queen writes back.

To sum the letter up the Queen says it is private but I was not even expecting a response so that was nice to get an acknowledgement letter.

So I don’t know the answer and no one will tell me. If I ever find hard evidence I will let you all know. In the meantime enjoy the show.


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