Lightweight FIE Epee Socket

This lightweight aluminium inside guard socket is 33% lighter than our standard steel model. This epee socket is designed to work best with our Leon Paul Epee bodywires. The plastic transparent nylon is embossed with a Leon Paul logo so you can tell it is an original part.

£8.83 Ex VAT £10.60 Inc VAT

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Ref: E26LW
£8.83 Ex VAT £10.60 Inc VAT


The nickel plated brass contact screws are secured in place using a captured nut at the bottom of the socket which means they can replaced if worn.

Particularly suitable for use with our lightweight range of guards ref: E72LW

Weight: 21g 12/16oz


2020-2021 Season m.18.3 The socket inside the epee guard must have two separate holes in the block, so that the two wires can be passed through the block separately and then connected to the terminals.

The rule is quite self-explanatory, but the images below show what is and isn’t acceptable under this ruling.

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