Colored X-Change FIE Contour Foil Mask

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Match your club colours and stand out from the crowd. This is the same light breathable FIE X-Change Foil mask but in a selection of bright colours. The mask features 2 separate unique patents that make it fully washable and easy to upgrade and renew parts making it future-proof. If you are serious about the sport this mask is the one to buy.

*All FIE Masks ordered will now come with the new 2018 FIE safety regulation backstrap

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Why do top fencers think that X-Change masks are the best in the world?

  • Cleaner - The X-Change system allows all the fabric parts to be completely removed from the stainless steel shell and washed. This keeps your mask clean and fresh. 
  • Lighter -By utilising the lightest, strongest materials and removing unnecessary metal it is much lighter than standard masks making it more comfortable. 
  • Cooler - The removal of excess padding unnecessary parts of the bib mean that airflow through the mask has been increased by up to 75% compared to some competitors masks. For the ultimate in cooling please see the ice® padding upgrade. 
  • X-Change - The bib can be slid out of the mask which means not only can you wash it monthly or replace it every few seasons.
  • Foil Bib A layer of our electrically conductive Lightweight silver lame has been added to the bib. This conforms with the latest FIE rules for the new foil target area. We use 4 layers of the lame for the tab used to attach the electric mask wire, this is for the best connection and the highest durability. The lame is also washable.
  • Additional safety feature Most masks use a metal strip around the back mesh to save on cost but Leon Paul masks use a split plastic tube in addition. This is to stop the blade whipping over the edge of the mask and causing painful hits to the back of the head, the tube absorbs the force of the blade and prevents this whip over.

Please see the additional sizing video below. This demonstrates how you can fit a mask by shaping the mesh.

*If you want to be able to use the same mask for electric Epee, you can order the Epee X-Change bib (ref: 280CXBP)


Product Safety Level

FIE 1600N

Mask Padding Options 

Standard Padding

Adjustable, removable and washable. This chin and face padding dampens impact from heavy hits and is made from an anti-microbial material with moisture management to keep you fresh

Standard Padding

Ice Padding

Made from an anti-microbial material with moisture management to keep you fresh. The integrated memory foam padding reacts to your body heat to form to your head for maximum comfort. The design provides greatly increased airflow, improved hearing, lower temperatures, better padding and comfort.

Ice Padding

Air Padding

Our latest mask padding range. It combines the comfort of our standard padding with the breathability of our ice padding. It is fully removable and washable, made from a soft touch 3D spacer fabric for maximum airflow

Air Padding

What they say

What they say

The X-Change mask was and still is a revolution in fencing

All other masks use the same technology and were much of a muchness. Leon Paul threw the old template out the window and made a super comfortable and breathable mask that works for the modern top-level fencer. The fit, the customisable padding, the removable bib and the attention to detail make this the obvious choice.

Alex Massialas

Olympic Silver Medallist


Wash & Care Instructions


It is important to regularly remove and refit the bib, to ensure that it does not become locked in place. All fabric parts of the masks can be removed and machine washed. 


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