Ziemowit Wojciechowski is a GB Olympic Coach, Head coach of ZFW fencing club and the coach of world number 3 Richard Kruse. Recently he has taken his club into the future by switching to wireless fencing, here is what he has to say: Four months ago I purchased 4 wireless machines from Leon Paul for my fencing club, ZFW, and I haven’t looked back. I am saving a good 20 minutes before and after every training session. Setting up traditional boxes and dragging around old spools is now a thing of the past for ZFW. I no longer have to tire my shoulders lugging around heavy equipment, nor do I need to deal with repairing ground leads, clunky spools or old boxes. Leon Paul’s wireless boxes are the ideal solution for ZFW because our club uses several different premises. Free from weighty scoring gear, my car’s suspension is enjoying a lighter load, and I am enjoying a smoother ride on the road every day to and from training.

These days I can carry 4 sets of scoring equipment in my small fencing bag, and they are so light I hardly notice them.

Our youngest fencers have been especially fascinated with this new technology. Impressively, after just one short explanation they are confident setting them up and fencing. I have been using these Leon Paul wireless boxes for four months now. When I was using traditional equipment, four months meant at least two trips to the repair shop. So far I have not had a single problem with any of these wireless boxes. I strongly recommend Leon Paul Wireless to any fencing club, and for that matter to anyone who wants the freedom to fence electrically in different places. In the long run, they will save you valuable time and money. My long experience as a fencer and coach tells me that this small contraption is going to be one of the most powerful innovations in the history of the sport of fencing. It seems obvious to me that this wireless box will make electric fencing more accessible and appealing than ever before. In Polish, we would say ”spoko”, which means cool. Ziemowit Wojciechowski ( GB Olympic Coach, Head coach of ZFW fencing club)