This is a short video to show you how to cut and thread the tang of a fencing blade. Whether it's foil, epee or sabre the process is the same. You will need a die (6mm x .1) and handle. These items can be purchased from any good hardware store or from the Leon Paul website. You will also need a hacksaw or bolt cutters and access to a sturdy vise. Carbon steel blades will thread more easily than maraging steel (FIE approved) blades will, but the process is the same for either type of blade. When threading a maraging steel blade it is helpful to have a larger die handle, as well as a heavier lubricant such as grease or Vaseline. Oil should fine as a lubricant on most carbon steel blades. This video points out that weapon components purchased from the same manufacturer should all be compatible with each other, but often a fencer will prefer a blade from one manufacturer and a grip from another. In this case, the length of the blade tang may need to be modified and you are at a disadvantage if you aren't able to perform this armoury skill yourself. When you get the items that you need to cut and thread your blade tang, practice on an old or broken blade a few times and you will quickly get comfortable doing it. If you are a fencer, developing your own armoury skills is just part of the sport!