How to mount a fencing sword? Mounting a weapon, making a sword, building a blade are just a few ways that people describe the process of putting together a fencing weapon. As many ways as there are to describe the action, there are to do it. You will find that many armourers have many different ways of doing it, and there are not necessarily any truly wrong ways. However, if you are new to mounting a weapon then this will be a good place to start on at least following a correct procedure, to ensure that your weapons last as long as possible. So please see these videos for some instruction. Foil Assembly Key points
  • Don’t trap the wire between the handle and the guard
  • The wire goes through the hole of the inside guard socket,
  • 2 pin sockets made by Leon Paul allow the wire to be connected from the top making it much easier and negating the need for a special spanner.
Epee assembly Key Points
  • You can connect either wire to either terminal. Wires do not need to be connected to a certain pin socket.
  • Don’t trap the wires between the handle and the guard.
  • You can feed the wires between the small hole in the inside guard socket which keeps the wires neater and safer. In the USA this had been previously banned but is now allowed at all events and all countries.
Sabre assembly Key Points
  • As you have no wires it is very easy to mount a sabre blade.
  • All electrical connections are made by the guard, blade and socket all being metal.
  • When setting a sabre blade it is only set down, not left or right.
Here is a list of tools you would need: Essentials Vice, if possible if not something to hold the blade like a work bench Hacksaw point or jewellers screwdriver Large flat head screwdriver Allan key Tip tape and blade tape for foil Good to have Gauge Testing box Hammer Weights for Epee and foil