Nord-Lock Wedge-locking Washer - Bag of 5

A lock washer that actually works! The system comprises a pair of washers that creates a wedge-effect and prevents the bolt from rotating loose, these are more usually found on aircraft, trains and other life critical applications. In short don't keep tightening up your pistol grip weapons on piste with an allan key just use a good lock washer.

£1.67 Ex VAT £2.00 Inc VAT

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£1.67 Ex VAT £2.00 Inc VAT

A lock washer that actually works!

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Nord-Lock wedge-locking products utilise tension to secure bolted joints in demanding industries exposed to vibration and dynamic loads. The system comprises a pair of washers that creates a wedge-effect and prevents the bolt from rotating loose. Achieve and maintain a high and accurate clamp load with quick and easy installation and removal.

A reliable and elegant solution.

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