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The X-Change Mask – customisable in every way...

The X-Change mask has a reputation for being the lightest, airiest and most comfortable, adaptable mask on the market, and for good reason. Black, coloured or with a national design, four different paddings available for the inside, an exchangeable bib that allows you to switch between weapons in seconds…this mask is as flexible in its purpose, as you are on the piste.

Why do top fencers think that X-Change masks are the best in the world?

The X-Change system allows all the fabric parts to be completely removed from the Stainless steel shell and washed. This keeps your mask clean and fresh.
By utilising the lightest, strongest materials and removing unnecessary metal it is much lighter than standard masks making it more comfortable.
The removal of excess padding and unnecessary parts of the bib means that airflow through the mask has been increased by up to 75% compared to some competitors masks. For the ultimate in cooling and/or breathability please see the upgrades ice padding or air padding.
The bib can be slid out of the mask which means not only can you wash it monthly or replace it every few seasons but you can also have a range of different bibs for different occasions. For example, you can use a black coaching bib when giving a lesson exchange it for a white epee bib and then swap that for a lame Foil bib
Additional safety feature
Most masks use a metal strip around the back mesh to save on cost but Leon Paul masks use a split plastic tube as well. This is to stop the blade whipping over the edge of the mask and causing painful hits to the back of the head, the tube absorbs the force of the blade and prevents this whip over.

Overwhelmed by the number of options available to personalise your mask? Here’s an overview to help you choose your padding:

Air Padding

The latest addition to our mask padding range, and probably the most advanced. Designed to provide the comfort of our standard padding combined with the breathability of our ice padding. Ideal for fencers who want the best of both worlds. For this mask padding, developed in collaboration with Olympian fencers, we used a cutting-edge soft touch 3D spacer fabric to achieve great airflow (and therefore, clarity of sound), while still keeping the great support lots of fencers appreciate about our standard padding. Furthermore, we added a water-resistant base to the antimicrobial fabric in order to protect the mask from salt corrosion and optimised the shape of the padding, to make it the best on the market.

Features include:

  • Made from a soft touch 3D spacer fabric to allow maximum airflow
  • With increased airflow comes more breathability and a greater clarity of sound
  • Removable and fully washable
  • Made with VELCRO® Brand fastenings
  • Made with a water-resistant base to protect the mask from salt corrosion from sweat

Designed and tested in conjunction with top GB fencer & Olympian - James Honeybone

Ice Padding

The absolute minimum of fabric for maximum coolness.

When we created this padding, we took away any superfluous bulk and kept just what was absolutely necessary for good support whilst wearing your fencing mask. This provides great airflow, an optimized field of view and, as your ears are not covered by any fabric, might even improve your hearing. We’ve also added an ice® dry layer, aka an extra moisture-absorbing and cooling fabric, next to the skin, which will keep you cool even in the hottest fights.
Through the integrated memory foam, the padding will adapt perfectly to your head by reacting with your body heat.

Features include:

  • Integrated memory foam padding
  • Slim design, less fabric in contact with your skin
  • Removable and machine washable at 40 degrees
  • Antimicrobial for freshness
  • Made with VELCRO® Brand fastenings
  • Machine washable at 40 degrees

Concept and design by Ben Paul.

Standard Padding

The basic version for fencers who like a classical feel and goodsupport…with that extra airflow ensured by all Leon Paul X-Change masks. In fact, our tests show that through the removal of excess padding and the elimination of unnecessary parts of the bib, airflow through the mask has been increased by up to 75% compared to some competitors masks. Made from an anti-microbial material with moisture management to keep you fresh.

Features include:

  • Removable and machine washable at 40 degrees
  • Antimicrobial for freshness
  • Made with VELCRO® Brand fastenings
  • Machine washable at 40 degrees

Concept and design by Barry Paul.

Standard thick padding

This is a great option if you’re a very young fencer (U12 or younger), but don’t want to invest in an X-change mask Size S that you’ll most probably outgrow in no time. In this case, use the mask shrinker [Ref. 56CPE] and thick standard padding, which is reinforced in the cheeks’ area, can help you achieve a transitional solution by making a Size M mask (the size lots of fencers will use their whole life) about half a size smaller, so that it sits tighter on your head and gives more support on the side of your face. Extra bonus: the thick padding can help dampen heavy hits. Made from the same anti-microbial material as the standard padding.

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