New SG large FIE recording apparatus

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New SG large FIE recording apparatus

The most fully featured scoring machine on the market.

Able to be connected directly to a network so that you can manage your event live over a standard Ethernet network and compatible with Fencing Technology's forthcoming wireless system. The remote docks to the machine to charge and synchs control channel as soon as you plug it in.

Supplied in a high quality metal briefcase with internal padding, rechargeable remote, 30 metre cable, power supply and full instructions. Fencing functions Officially approved FIE three-weapon scoring machine.

Can be reprogrammed to latest FIE regulations. Antiblock yellow lights. Automatic regulation of reset time from 1 to 9 seconds. Instantaneous reset at 0 when a fencing master gives a lesson. Whip-over blockage in the sabre. Choice of four sabre programs. Fully rechargeable remote control. Integrated stopwatch Pre-setting of count-down time from 0 to 99 minutes (count-down time is memorized even when machine is turned off). Blocking of signalling when stopwatch time has reached: 00 :00.

The CSG31 can be set so that the stopwatch is halted automatically as soon as a hit has been recorded. This automatic stopwatch option can be turned on or off (for more information consult the section devoted to CSG31 options). As another option, possibility of introducing a one-minute delay between two rounds (for more information consult the section devoted to SG31 options). Integrated scoring Scoring of up to 99 hits can be displayed on both sides. The CSG31 can be set so that the score is updated automatically every time a hit is recorded.

This automatic scoring option can be turned on or off (for more information consult the section devoted to CSG31 options). When the automatic scoring mode is set along with the automatic stopwatch mode, a halted stopwatch prevents the machine from updating the score automatically. Automatic updating of the score can only be performed when the stopwatch is running. This allows fencers to try their weapon after a hit has been detected without disrupting the score (useful for the epee in particular).

Remote control Mixed transmissions : wire and infrared Driven by rechargeable accumulator Control of stopwatch and scoring functions. Optional control of fencing functions (choice of weapon, length of automatic signals, etc...). Setting of remote control channel (0 - 9) for simultaneous operation of 10 remote controls in the same room. The machine and remote control must be set on the same channel number to operate properly. Communications Three RS422 and one RS232 connector.

Setting of machine in slave mode for the repetition of scoring, stopwatch and lamps from the master machine. Miscellaneous The machine can be inclined to 90®. External regulated power supply gives all the guarantees of security. Connection to power supply by a security plug which prevents faulty connection. Volume regulation. Connection to peripheral equipment through two 8-pin D.I.N. plugs. Diagnostics program for easy fault identification (useful for maintenance only). Weight 5.5KG Dimensions with stand open, 29cm wide x 72 cm long x 16 cm depth.


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