Mini Lunging Pad

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Lightweight and durable, 33cm x 35cm can be hung on a wall with a single nail using the eyelet on the leather tab.


If you are serious about improving your point control a lunging pad is a fantastic tool. By practicing regularly you will improve your muscle memory and be able to hit more accurately. It will also improve your footwork and distance.

Made so that it can be attached to a wall using a simple screw or large wall nail. 

"In Germany we had 2 one-hour sessions per week on a lunging pad. It is something we don't do enough of in the UK. I insist that all my students have a lunging pad and practice regularly, just 5-10mins every day makes a massive difference. You can easily tell in lessons who has been doing there home work and those who has not." 
Jon Willis 2 time World Cup winner


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