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LP - FIE Epee Blade Unwired

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At only 150g this is the lightest most durable FIE epee blade in the world. The lighter your weapon the faster you can react. A unique patented design allows us to cold forge these blades giving increased lifespan. Perfect for those aspiring fencers who want the best in performance.


LP - FIE Epee Blade Unwired

The Lightest, most durable FIE epee blade in the world

A unique patented design allows us to cold forge these blades greatly reducing defects in the steel and giving the greatest lifespan of any Epee blade. After the blade is formed we shock blast the blades by hand which increases the surface density and removes any external flaws. The blade is then heat treated at 225 degrees for 55 minutes which hardens the steel. Each blade is then tested by hand and the flexibility of the blade measured. This means you can choose a blade with the stiffness that suits your fencing style. This blade, on average achieves 17,000 bending cycles on our FIE testing machine. This blade also holds the FIE world record surviving the longest on its bending machine. The V formed FIE Epee blade is also incredibly light coming in under 150g.


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Taglia 5: 150g


Taglia 5: 89cm


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