The best two pin bodywire in the world – a story of digital manufacturing

Our newly released updated two pin plug, found on our FIE-approved foil and sabre bodywires, already has a considerable number of fans… but do you know the the story of cutting-edge technology involved in its making?
Today, Alex Paul, our director and mastermind behind product development, tells you all about how our latest innovation saw the light of day the fencing halls of the world. Read on after the jump.

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Hairdos for fencing. The best styles for under the mask.

It’s a problem every fencer with long hair (and in fencing this means everything that is not a pixie…) knows: what in heaven’s name are you supposed to do with your mop under a fencing mask? This is way more than a questions of good or bad looks, since at some competitions the wrong hairdo might even put you at risk of a yellow card! We’ve teamed up with our Instagram girl Johanna, who has first-hand experience of the issue, to give you a round-up of the rules and the best strategies to tame your hair. 

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The History of Sabre Fencing

After the history of foil fencing (here you go for part 1 and part 2) and the development of epee it is now time for the third part of our series by expert Malcolm Fare. If you’ve always wondered how sabre fencing was born and who it was most popular with in the beginning (no, it was not the military!), read on.


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Golden Hat trick in Sharjah

In September 2018, the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games qualifying period for wheelchair fencing started and will run through until May 2020. For me, my qualifying period could not have got off to a better start, winning both the World Cup Epee events in Tbilisi, Georgia & Kyoto, Japan and so I was delighted to be able to carry my form through into the new season and secure my third Epee Gold of the qualifiers by taking the win in Sharjah, U.A.E!

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(Fencing) Lessons Learnt – And Fun Had. My Experience at the Leon Paul Sabre Camp.

Six weeks of summer holidays without fencing? That does nothing for true fencing lovers, who will start to miss their fencing life after a couple of weeks. So Leon Paul’s training camp in London in early August was the perfect match (and best mix of city trip, fencing fun, and language holiday) for Leon Paul sponsored Valentin Meka, a U14 sabre fencer from Dormagen, Germany. Want to know what happened when he decided to give up on his sunbed at the beach for a fencing piste? Read on…

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Denver 1989. The first World Championships with electric sabre.

Prior to the 1989 Senior World Championships being held in Chicago, all firms pitching to supply the apparatus for this event were invited to a National circuit competition in Chicago to trial their F.I.E. approved sabre apparatus.

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New Year, New Challenges

The 2018 season started with the IWAS World cup in Eger, Hungary running from 15th-19th February and although this event was a familiar season opener, there was to be a trial of new rules throughout this event and also at the next World cup in Pisa and It is safe to say that even though the proposed new sabre distance proved unpopular with many, it certainly encouraged some interesting conversations!

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A Glance back at 2017

Having had a break from training after the Paralympics, I came into the 2017 competition season hungry for the win and looking forward to a start of a new Paralympic cycle. Tokyo 2020 seemed a distant goal at the beginning of 2017 but the year has gone so fast and already the 2020 games seem just around the corner.

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FIE masks update FAQ

Here are a few questions and answers about the new FIE rules in regards to masks.

All new masks sold by Leon Paul are compliant with the FIE rule changes that will come into effect next season in Septembre 2018.

Why are the FIE changing the rules for all FIE masks?

Over the past 6 years, the number of masks, made by all fencing manufactures, falling off during competition has increased.

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Rome World Championships 2017

I have recently returned from the World Championships in Rome, Italy which ran from the 7th-12th November 2017 it was a great but challenging event in more than one way! We departed for Rome on 5th November as we had weapons check on the 6th, my team mates were competing on 7th/8th and I was competing on 8th/9th

Just after we arrived in Rome, I started to feel unwell. This is one thing that every athlete dreads at an event of such importance, unfortunately it only got worse and reached a peak on Epee day. I always take every sensible precaution but sometimes you just get sick and have to make the best of what you have and ensure you work even harder on getting the right nutritional input.

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