Hairdos for fencing. The best styles for under the mask.

It’s a problem every fencer with long hair (and in fencing this means everything that is not a pixie…) knows: what in heaven’s name are you supposed to do with your mop under a fencing mask? This is way more than a questions of good or bad looks, since at some competitions the wrong hairdo might even put you at risk of a yellow card! We’ve teamed up with our Instagram girl Johanna, who has first-hand experience of the issue, to give you a round-up of the rules and the best strategies to tame your hair. 

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New FIE rules and the sponsorship game

At their annual congress held in Paris in December 2018 (right before the gala hosted to celebrate their 105th birthday, which we’ve blogged about extensively), updated their sponsorship rules, allowing for more advertising. These new rules are a fantastic opportunity for fencers to help finance their athletic dreams. You have 10 spaces for representing brands and if you are a top fencer or even an aspiring young fencer, new funding possibilities might now open up for you.

Our director Ben Paul gives you an overview over the new rules and shares his tips for athletes.



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FoilGuard – the story and people behind the latest addition to your (foil) fencing kit

You might know the reasons behind its development, you might have received a newsletter promoting it and you might even have purchased it already…but do you really know the story of FoilGuard, the new EVA soft cover mandatory for all fencers wearing a chest protector in official FIE competitions (and domestic events in many countries *)? We’ve gathered some insight with our supplier when the product just came out last spring – read on for our background story about Richard Shearer and his company QP sports. 

(Spoiler: even if you don’t know it , you might already own one of their products! )


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Chest protectors – an update on the new rules in foil from 2018

The FIE recently has released new requirements for chest protectors both in men’s and women’s foil. For full information about the underlying problems (including a bit of foil history) as well as some instructions on what to do now and where to purchase, please read on…

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FIE masks update FAQ

Here are a few questions and answers about the new FIE rules in regards to masks.

All new masks sold by Leon Paul are compliant with the FIE rule changes that will come into effect next season in Septembre 2018.

Why are the FIE changing the rules for all FIE masks?

Over the past 6 years, the number of masks, made by all fencing manufactures, falling off during competition has increased.

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