“Epee fencing” by Steve Paul – a review from fencers for fencers

“Fencing and books – two of my favourite things together in one picture”. The comments to our Instagram celebration of world book day back in April suggest that we’re not the only ones to enjoy a good read from time to time. All the better, if it’s fencing-themed. So what could we do better than to share our finds and have the books available on our website reviewed by fencers, from international top athletes to fencers more like you and me? We start with a review by our Instagram girl and epee fencer Johanna (who definitely belongs into the latter category 😉 ) .

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Hairdos for fencing. The best styles for under the mask.

It’s a problem every fencer with long hair (and in fencing this means everything that is not a pixie…) knows: what in heaven’s name are you supposed to do with your mop under a fencing mask? This is way more than a questions of good or bad looks, since at some competitions the wrong hairdo might even put you at risk of a yellow card! We’ve teamed up with our Instagram girl Johanna, who has first-hand experience of the issue, to give you a round-up of the rules and the best strategies to tame your hair. 

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How to rewire your epee – Part 2: gluing the blade

We’re back with the second part of our armoury series for epeeists. In the focus today: how to glue your blade. As last week, all tips and tricks shared here are based on the experience of our Instagram girl Johanna, who prefers to have all her epees equipped with our ultra light titanium tip (if even Bas Verwijlen does, who can blame her? 😉 ) and therefore regularly rewires her blades.

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How to rewire your epee – Part 1: How to prepare your blade

It’s probably the task most fencers secretly (or even not so secretly) fear: rewiring a blade. But no matter whether it’s because the wiring of your favourite blade is damaged, you want to use a different kind of tip than the one your blade came with or you simply bought an unwired blade – there are moments in a fencer’s life when you just have to face that task and get it done. We’ve put together some useful tips for rewiring your epee. Brought to you by our Instagram girl Johanna, who regularly rewires her weapons by herself. Today’s post will focus on how to best prepare your blade for the actual rewiring.

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Golden Hat trick in Sharjah

In September 2018, the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games qualifying period for wheelchair fencing started and will run through until May 2020. For me, my qualifying period could not have got off to a better start, winning both the World Cup Epee events in Tbilisi, Georgia & Kyoto, Japan and so I was delighted to be able to carry my form through into the new season and secure my third Epee Gold of the qualifiers by taking the win in Sharjah, U.A.E!

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Reasons for choosing Leon Paul – the story of Polish top fencer Radosław Zawrotniak

“When you fence at a world class level, you need to be sure that your epee will not fail you when you’re at a decisive moment of the match”. These are the words of Radosław Zawrotniak (or Radek, for his friends), the best Polish épée fencer. We got Radek to reveal us his opinion about fencing equipment. What’s most important to him when selecting an epee? What makes fencing clothing truly outstanding? What should a fencer pay attention to when choosing their mask? And why did the Leon Paul Fusion Pro blade win his heart?


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Golden start to Tokyo2020 Qualifiers

The 2018 season for me seems to have flown by and just when I felt I was getting back into my flow again, following my World cup Epee Gold in Pisa back in March, I then had a long break through to the next competition in July, the Warsaw World cup, where I took Epee Gold, Sabre Bronze & Team Foil Silver!

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What a day! What a competition! – My experience at Challenge SNCF Réseau 2018 (Men’s epee Worldcup)

Every fencer has it: a personal collection of special moments. A day you’ll remember. A match ended with a close win. A competition that leaves not just medals, but memories.
For Leon Paul sponsored fencer Bas Verwijlen the 2018 edition of Challenge SNCF Réseau in Paris, one of the most important events of the worldcup series in Men’s epee, does definitely belong to that category of unforgettable experiences. Read on for his full report about his day and how he made it to the podium. 

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New Year, New Challenges

The 2018 season started with the IWAS World cup in Eger, Hungary running from 15th-19th February and although this event was a familiar season opener, there was to be a trial of new rules throughout this event and also at the next World cup in Pisa and It is safe to say that even though the proposed new sabre distance proved unpopular with many, it certainly encouraged some interesting conversations!

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A Glance back at 2017

Having had a break from training after the Paralympics, I came into the 2017 competition season hungry for the win and looking forward to a start of a new Paralympic cycle. Tokyo 2020 seemed a distant goal at the beginning of 2017 but the year has gone so fast and already the 2020 games seem just around the corner.

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