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Sub Zer0 Medium Pistol Grip

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We are releasing a limited run of these incredible 3D printed titanium handles. Weighing in at an otherworldly 35g (just under 1/14oz) these are a fraction more than one third of the weight of an aluminium handle.  


Sub Zer0 Medium Pistol Grip Right Handed

Printed metal objects are simply mind blowing both to hold and behold. They are beautiful, functional and allow a design approach that would be unattainable using traditional manufacturing methods.

Produced in conjunction with a biomechanical engineering firm these handles use a form of generative design that produces an organic shape to maximise strength and minimise mass.


The lattice structure on the outside creates an incredible grip because your glove embeds itself in the surface to become one with the weapon.

The captivating surface reveals the internal support structures that give the handle its rigidity and strength.

"Honestly, this is an item of such beauty and simplicity the likes of it have never been seen in sport outside the exotic realms of formula one or world class cycling. This is a rare and unique opportunity to look into the future of design and manufacturing." 

Alex Paul - Director

To achieve the radical 62% weight saving that these handles offer, the ultimate strength of the handle has been reduced from that of a solid piece of metal. These handles have been tested to withstand way more force than is generated normally in fencing but one should be aware that they are not as strong as a solid handle. Particular care should be taken not to drop weapons using these handles.







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