Women's Masks Sizing
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Women's Masks Sizing

How to measure myself?
Mask sizes are best measured using the vertical circumference around the head. This is measured under the chin and round over the top of the head.

Useful info

  • Small will fit children, teenage girls and some women.
  • 70% of Leon Paul masks are sold in Medium.
  • Large will fit most adult men.
  • XL size is very uncommon.
  • Leon Paul masks have the advantage of being adjustable with the X-Change system where all elements are removable and adjustable.

The most important part of the fit of the mask is the position of the forehead pad. The best way to choose the right size is to try a Leon Paul mask at your club. If this is not possible, please look at the table below.

If you can't decide if a Medium or a Large will fit best then order the Large.

For a printable .pdf tape measure please click Here


Size Your measurement
S < 58 cm / < 22.5"
M 58 - 65 cm / 22.5 - 25.5"
L 65 - 72 cm / 25.5 - 28"
XL > 72 cm / > 28"