Junior Jackets Sizing
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Junior Jackets Sizing

All jackets are sized by chest measurement and increase in 2” increments

How to choose your size
Please measure around the largest part of your chest with a full breath of air.

If you are between two sizes
If you like a tight fit, order the size as per your measurement. If you prefer a loose fit then order one size larger.

If you are tall and have a slim athletic build
We advise customers to consider ordering the long range jacket. Long sizes are only available in 800N TEAM range, these give an extra 2” on the length of the arms and body of the jacket.

The table below contains the minimum and maximum measurements of the chest for each size.

For a printable .pdf tape measure please click Here

We have three sizes of jacket for children, below is very rough guide of what size fits by age group. All junior jackets are designed to fit children under 5 feet tall, if the child is taller than 5 feet please consider ordering an adult jacket

  • 32” for 6 – 8 years old.
  • 34” for 8 – 10 years old.
  • 36” for 10 – 12 years old.

Please note that most children under 10 years old will have a chest measurement of less than 34” but in order to get the correct length, room for protectors and plastrons you will need to order a jacket that is larger than seems sensible.

For a printable .pdf tape measure please click Here

Jacket size To fit chest Size
32 < 81 cm / < 32" < 152 cm / < 60"
34 82 - 87 cm / 33 - 34" < 152 cm / < 60"
36 87 - 91 cm / 34 - 36" < 152 cm / < 60"