Junior Breeches Sizing
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Junior Breeches Sizing

All breeches are sized by waist measurement and increase in 2” increments.

How to choose your size?
Please measure the circumference of your waist, by placing the tape measure above your hips and wrapping it all the way round.

If you are between two sizes
If you like a tight fit, order the size as per your measurement. If you prefer a loose fit then order one size larger.

If your inside leg measures more than 18".
We advise customers to consider ordering the long range breeches. Long sizes are only available in 800N TEAM range, these give an extra 2” on the length of the legs. * Please note standard Leon Paul breeches are long enough to fit people up to 6’ 4” tall so very few people actually need long breeches.

The table below shows inside seam lengths for each size.

For a printable .pdf tape measure please click Here

We have 4 sizes of breeches for children, please measure the child’s waist and inside leg (to just below the knee) and order accordingly.

For a printable .pdf tape measure please click Here

Size To fit waist Inside seem length
24 56 - 61 cm / 22 - 24" 41 cm / 16"
26 61 - 66 cm / 24 - 26" 41 cm / 16"
28 66 - 71 cm / 26 - 28" 44 cm / 17"
30 71 - 76 cm / 28 - 30" 44 cm / 17"