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NEPS Driver

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NEPS Screwdriver is used with NEPS screw which uses a unique design that takes the hassle out changing the tiny parts in weapons. *Colour of grip may vary.

The NEPS driver holds the screw securely with the needs to magnetize it making it much easier to install the screws. Every epeeist has at one time or another struggled with getting point screws in to their point. This can be particularly difficult at the side of the piste when you are under pressure or competing. The NEPS driver when combined with NEPS screws makes putting in your point screws much easier as the screw is held on the tip of the driver even when the driver is parallel with the ground. Due to the more complex design of the driver it is not suitable for torqueing up the screws extremely tightly. If you want to tighten the screws very tightly which you shouldn't need to then you should put them in with the NEPS driver and then tighten them up with a normal flat jewellers screwdriver.


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