Disposable Mask Shield X 50

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Designed to fit into any regulation fencing mask using patented mesh clips. Leon Paul’s disposable Mask Shield reduces particles exiting the mask and helps reduce the potential for transmission of diseases.


Disposable Mask Shield X 50


Disposable Face Masks

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Leon Paul have designed a universal insert for all fencing masks which can be used to provide a reduction in the volume of airborne droplets leaving the fencing mask.

You must at all times adhere to local rules on the use of close-fitting medical face masks or other close-fitting face coverings. This mask shield is not a replacement for a close-fitting mask or covering.

Transmission of Covid19 through airborne droplets is one of the main risks for transmission of the virus. Wearing a medical or home-made mask underneath a fencing mask during vigorous exercise presents challenges as an effective face mask means breathing through a filter layer which reduces airflow to the athlete.

The Disposable Mask Shield consists of a layer of polypropylene fabric of the type used in disposable PPE. The insert is held firmly in place with a patented GB1909702.1 mesh clip system on each side. This fits any standard fencing mask mesh, the clips push through the mesh locking the insert securely in place.

The mask shield has been tested by the university of Hertfordshire’s Dr Lindsay Bottoms; Deputy Head of the Research Centre in Psychology and Sports Science. She found that during levels of exercise found during fencing the Oxygen and Carbon dioxide levels in the mask remain safe.

Separate studies using UV ink show that the face guard also dramatically reduces the amount of both small and large droplets that escape the front of the mask.

It should be understood that this is not tested as either PPE or a medical device. The Mask Shield will not prevent transmission of disease but does reduce the amount of airbourne particles that leave the mask..


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