FIE Contour Sabre Mask

A traditional bib FIE sabre mask fitted with the lighter contour fit system, most fencers choose to upgrade to the X-Change sabre mask but if you want a low maintenance, durable mask then this could be for you. Made from high-quality stainless steel and using the hardest wearing lame material for the bib means it will stand up to the punishment of sabre hits.

*All FIE Masks ordered will now come with the new 2018 FIE safety regulation backstrap

This mask is being discontinued by Leon Paul and we only have certain sizes available, please make a selection for the stock status to be displayed.

£124.17 Ex VAT £149.00 Inc VAT
Ref: S11C
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£124.17 Ex VAT £149.00 Inc VAT

Designed to comply with the high standards demanded by the FIE. The mask uses a stainless steel shell and is fitted with the Leon Paul patented Contour-Fit® system making it significantly lighter and more comfortable. This design in mask fitting uses a 3 point adjustment system so that the fit can be altered to fit all shapes of head. The shape of the shell conforms to FIE regulations with the front angle less than 130 degrees and the maximum possible depth of shell for added protection.

The side pieces of the bib are recessed slightly from the mesh so they are protected from side hits. The cloth lame used to make sabre masks comes in many different qualities and the durability is determined by the number of metal fibres and their thickness. Our Lame is manufactured with the highest density of very small fibres that make it extremely flexible and very durable. Cheaper masks have fewer larger fibres which break leaving dead spots. We only use nickle Lame as this is the most durable. Some masks uses copper coated thread which go green after a few months and loss conductivity very quickly.


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