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    What I learned from Darth Vader and why he hates Profiteroles!

    By Ben Paul.

    14 years ago I got a call from Darth Vader asking me to work on a James Bond film… Well actually it was the fencer and sword master Bob Anderson who learned to fence from my great grandfather Leon Paul. Bob was the fencer in the Darth Vader suits in the Star Wars film and taught the actors to fence.

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    Running a Fencing Competition - Jon Willis

    By Jon Willis

    Last year, after I had run a cadet competition, I overheard a fencer refer to me as ‘the man who organises competitions’.  Initially, it dented my ego to think that I’m known more for running competitions than my exploits with an epee.  I only retired a few years ago! However, I’m delighted to have been able to remain in fencing, to use my competitive experience to improve the standard of events in the UK and help the sport grow.

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