• FIE Update 2018

    FIE masks update FAQ

    Here are a few questions and answers about the new FIE rules in regards to masks.

    All new masks sold by Leon Paul are compliant with the FIE rule changes that will come into effect next season in Septembre 2018.

    Why are the FIE changing the rules for all FIE masks?

    Over the past 6 years, the number of masks, made by all fencing manufactures, falling off during competition has increased.

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    The Professionals

    I hate outsourcing. It is something I am not very good at and it always causes me problems. I think to outsource work well, you need to be very detailed at the start of the process, you need to be able to accept that you have limited control and that sometimes things won’t be done as you would do them. I hate these things and that is why for the last 15 years I have tried to do everything in-house, at Leon Paul, in London. This way I can control everything and feel in charge of the companies own destiny...
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