Collecting Fencing Pins

This video will give you an introduction to collecting lapel pins, specifically pins related to the sport of fencing.

My name is Bill Murphy and I have been collecting fencing pins for over 30 years. While fencing is my favorite sport, collecting fencing pins is my favorite hobby! In this video, I have listed eight different categories of fencing pins. Virtually all of the pins in my collection fall in to one (or more) of these eight categories. Occasionally I am asked which fencing pin is my favorite. My favorite pin might be this one from Hard Rock Cafe' that has two fencers fencing with guitars. It was released during the 2010 Summer Nationals held in Atlanta.

Every fencing club, high school or university fencing program should have their own pin. They aren't very expensive to have made and members of your program will be proud to wear one.

Have fun collecting fencing pins and I hope you enjoy this video. Part 2 will be released soon.



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