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    Richard Kruse! The only fencer I let stain my walls.

    There are few people in the fencing world who do not know who Richard Kruse is, representing Great Britain in the men’s foil Olympics. One of the most notable qualities of this man is his dedication to training. I have met few people who work as hard and as consistently as Richard, and the work seems to pay off.

    When I get into work at 8AM (not 10), we often see the more dedicated fencers already beginning their warmups and practice drills. Among them is always Richard.

    “Surprised to see you here so early.” – I would always say.

    We always joke about his training effects his luck, and his response is always

    “The more I train the luckier I seem to get”. Kruse

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    Running a Fencing Competition - Jon Willis

    By Jon Willis

    Last year, after I had run a cadet competition, I overheard a fencer refer to me as ‘the man who organises competitions’.  Initially, it dented my ego to think that I’m known more for running competitions than my exploits with an epee.  I only retired a few years ago! However, I’m delighted to have been able to remain in fencing, to use my competitive experience to improve the standard of events in the UK and help the sport grow.

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    Do Not Read this Article on Coaching

    Do Not Read This Article

    Warning do not read this 2

    Turn back now and Do Not Read This Article on strip coaching!

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