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Sergei Golubitsky

Sergei is three times World Foil Champion and "possibly the greatest foilist who has ever lived". We have just started production of a foil blade designed by him, the FIE approved maraging Golubitsky-Pro. He has also released a video "Golden Bouts" documenting some of the pivotal moments in his career including his three World Championship Finals.

Sergei Golubitsky, was born December 20, 1969 in Kiev, Ukraine. He began fencing at the age of 9 and today is arguably the best men's foil fencer in history. He has won more consecutive World Championships than anyone in history, has a record 19 World Cup tournament victories, countless silver and bonze World Cup tournament finishes, and is the 5 time World Cup Champion (season #1 points leader). For several seasons he trained world cup level senior and junior fencers in The Netherlands. Today, Sergei lives and trains in Conegliano, Italy.

Career Highlights:

2000 Olympics: 5th Place (Australia)
1999 World Champion (Korea)
World Cup Champion (end of season points leader)
Super Masters: Gold Medal (Italy)
1998 World Champion (Switzerland)
1997 World Champion (South Africa)
Universiade: Silver Medal (Italy)
European Championships: Silver Medal (Poland)
Awarded with Order of the President of the Ukraine
1996 Olympics: 6th Place (USA)
1995 World Championships: Bronze Medal (Netherlands)
European Champion (Hungary)
1994 World Cup Champion (end of season points leader)
1993 Universiade: Gold Medal (USA)
World Championships: Silver Medal (Germany)
World Cup Champion (end of season points leader)
1992 Olympics: Silver Medal (Spain)
World Cup Champion (end of season points leader)
1991 Cup of the Ukraine: Gold Medal
Cup of the USSR: Gold Medal
1990 World Championships: Bronze Medal by Team (France)
European Cup: Gold Medal (France)
1989 World Champion by Team (USA)
1985 Cup of the Ukraine: Gold Medal

Sergei offers a range of training camps at the dedicated Golubitsky Fencing Centre and in the Netherlands. The programs offered are primarily for intermediate and advanced competition foil fencers for ages ranging from 12 years old up to adults. For more information visit his website at